our monkey light pro prototype featuring legs by katy beveridge

Photos by Bob Gundu. Courtesy of RAW.

monkey light pro david ope atwork

Winner of our Winter Photo Contest - Tackyshack

Light painting with the Monkey Light M232

Monkey Light - Light Painting Slideshow


One Hundred and Sixty Two by Mark Chance Photography

on fire!

hey, it was friday.

we're still dong the #kickstarter thing: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/minimonkey/monkey-light-pro-bicycle-wheel-display-system





thanks prguitarmar, thatís our Monkey Light Pro with Nyan Cat!!

fun stuff from our new Kickstarter

M210 Mini Monkey Light

M232 Party Monkey Light

M210 Mini Monkey Light

Justin light painting with the M210

M133s Original Monkey Light





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